Caney Fork River

Okay, if you have never been to the Caney Fork River, then you are really missing out. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking, but it also has many other attractions. The Caney Fork River is located in the peaceful city of  Gordonsville, Tennessee. During the summer, the Caney is a popular place for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. Typically locals will bring their own kayaks and canoes to glide down the Caney in, but if you do not have your own canoes, there are rentals available near the river.

-Canoe Rental Prices-

6 Mile Trip – $22.99 per person ($9.99 more per person if you choose to take the 9 mile rout).

-Kayaking Rental Prices-

$34.99 per person

Since I have lived here basically my whole life, I can remember spending many great summers here. The Caney is a perfect place to get active with your family and friends. The river has very little challenging parts, if any at all. Because of this, kayaking/canoeing this river is great for a variety of ages. I remember kayaking this with my cousins, siblings, and grandmother and we were all able to stay together and make finish it with no problems. Honestly, the hardest part of the whole adventure is getting in and out of your canoe/kayak without flipping (Which occasionally happens).

Tip: If you want to put very little effort into paddling, it is best to go on a windier day. The wind will just push you down the river and you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

In the past, I have encountered different creatures along the river like fish, birds, and even a few river otters. It is such a great place to gather with family and friends and soak in the incredible Tennessee sun. God bless!


4 thoughts on “Caney Fork River

  1. OMG. I love kayaking and will have to do this sometime with my dear friend Tyquencia. She sometimes tells me that I did not grow up in the ghetto like her, but she actually doesn’t know me that well. I come from a small town named Turtle View, which is as ghetto as it gets. PEACE AND LOVE

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hey again Ashley! Kayaking is so much fun! I really think you and Tyquencia would enjoy this great adventure! You should also bring your friend Dandy that you mentioned in your last comment. Thank you for commenting, hope to hear from you again soon!


  2. Dandy and Tyquencia are not friends and they never will be. Please do not mention them in the same sentence again.



    1. I’m so sorry to offend you, hope this doesn’t keep you away from reading more of my postings! Maybe you could suggest my blog to some of your other friends!


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