The Square

I am enjoying this blog so much because it is encouraging me to be a tourist in my very own town! Today my boyfriend and I went to the Lebanon Square, which is such a sweet, unique little area. Honestly, whenever I tell people I am from Lebanon I typically get a, “You’re from Lebanon? I’m sorry.” in response. When I hear that response, its obvious to me that they have never truly explored Lebanon. Lebanon has some unbelievably beautiful areas and the square has so much history.


The square has a lot to offer, but the two things I would say it is most known for would be its wide variety of antique shops and this classic movie theatre.  The Capitol Theatre not only shows older movies, but the theatre can also be used to house social events. I can say from experience that it is great for parties. My Senior prom was here back in 2015 and it was absolutely perfect. I have also seen weddings being held here and they were so amazing.

Lebanon is such an incredible place and has so much history. I am so glad that I live in such a neat area of Tennessee. If you are ever in the Lebanon area, you should really visit the square. You will be taken back to a simpler time by this sweet place.

Have a great day! God bless!



2 thoughts on “The Square

  1. lebanon is so boring, pls help me find an apartment in nashville. where is the square located? i can only find the circle…

    yours truly,
    Girl Destined To Get Out of Lebanon


    1. The square is the circle sweetie!
      I also plan to go into downtown Nashville very soon and hopefully I can post about some nice areas to at least visit, not sure if I will be apartment hunting! Hope this helped!


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