Today my cousin and I decided to have a nice study day at one of our favorite coffee shops in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Lasaters.  Now, if you are as coffee obsessed as I am, then you will absolutely love it here. If you are not as coffee obsessed as I am, then you will still absolutely love it here! They have so much more than just amazing coffee. They also have smoothies, teas, paninis, wraps, a variety of breakfast foods, but most importantly, coffee!

I discovered Laseters last year with my biology study group and we all fell in love with the incredible atmosphere and great coffee. Since then, I have come here on a regular basis to study and feed my coffee addiction. The staff is kind and will do their best to make your visit satisfactory. Another thing I really love about Lasaters is that it has Christian characteristics. I love that while I am studying or talking to my friends that there is always a variety of Christian music playing in the background. As a Christian it just does my heart good to know that my money is helping support a Christian company. Lasaters had a story put in GoodNews Christian Magazine in 2015 and I found it extremely interesting to see how Lasaters helps people and how God works even through coffee.

So show your support and stop by Lasaters for a great cup of coffee! Thank you and God bless!



6 thoughts on “Lasaters

  1. Hello, my name is Lizzie. Well actually, people prefer to call me by my middle name which is Dandelion. I hate coffee but would like to know if it is worth traveling from Louisiana to here to try Lasaters’ paninis. My ex-boyfriend, George, used to love paninis and I thought if i got one for him and brought it back he would want to get back together with me. I have gotten paninis from California and Georgia for him, but he still doesn’t love me. PLS TAKE ME BACK GEORGE. IF YOU ARE READING THIS I STILL LOVE YOU.

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    1. Hey Dandelion,
      wow, well, the paninis are very good. If you are ever in the area they sure are worth a try. Not sure if it is worth a specific trip for, but the middle TN area is amazing. Hope you and George work everything out!


  2. Thar iz rally gud fud har. Its almost as good as mas squirl brain soup. 9 outta ten. Wud give a perfect scor but the man outside who dun offured to park ma car seems to have gotten lost. Still they got waffel so I can use ma phone whilst I wait.

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