Fired Up!

In Mt. Juliet on a gross, rainy day and need something fun to do? Fired Up is the place to go! Fired Up is a pottery painting studio located in Mt. Juliet. This is the best place to hang out and decompress with family and friends of all ages! With a wide selection of pottery to paint, there is something for everyone to get creative with. With a variety of paint colors, brushes, and stencils, the possibilities are endless on what you can create!


My mom and I visited Fired Up today and had such a great time being together and getting to talk, all while being creative. My mom and I are in no way professional mug painters, but we still enjoyed getting to be together. Each mug was about $15.00 and then a painting fee of $6.00, and it was worth every penny.

After you are done painting, the staff has to ‘fire it up‘, because of this, it takes about a week till you can come back for your finished product. Trust me though, it is all worth it. So next time you find yourself in Mt. Juliet on a rainy day and need something fun to do, stop by Fired Up and get creative! God Bless!


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