Charlie Daniels

Who doesn’t love a nice day at the park? And where is a better place to go than Charlie Daniels Park? Now, I have been going to Charlie Daniels since I was a kid, but they recently redid the playground. It used to be all wooden, but they changed it to this more colorful set up. I personally liked the wooden one better, but mostly because I am sentimental. No matter what color the playground is, it is still an amazing park! It is safe, dog friendly, and absolutely beautiful! In addition to this, Charlie Daniels park has tennis courts, basketball hoops, and sand volleyball pits, all available to anyone who is up for a game.

Located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, it is conveniently by a variety of different shops and fast food places. It is also located right next to a police station so you feel extra safe there. It is always clean and well kept. There are pavilions located around the playground that are perfect for large gatherings of friends and family. I can remember having a few birthday parties there as a child and it was always so much fun.


I honestly have no idea why this this train is here, it has always been here ever since I was a kid. I think it is really cool and unique and I always loved climbing on it as a child.

Charlie Daniels Park is a must if you have children, but even if you don’t I still highly recommend it. My boyfriend and I sometimes come here just for a picnic date, so there is something for everyone here. If you’re ever in the area on a nice sunny day, stop by Charlie Daniels Park, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy and God bless!


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